Balinaka AE

The Balinaka were a race native to the planet Garnib, the Balinaka were an expressive race with a rich artistic culture. Even after being subjugated by the Empire, they retained their artistic passions. They continued to hold the Wallarand, an annual, 50-day arts festival which was permitted by the Imperial garrison there because of the Balinaka's acceptance of the Empire. The average Balinaka stood four meters tall at the shoulder, and resembled a humanoid polar bear. They were discovered to be amphibious mammals who evolved thick fur and a layer of blubber to survive in the icy waters of the planet Garnib. They have sensitive eyes, and can see into a wider visual spectrum than most humanoids. Each Balinaka had both lungs and gills, allowing them to be able to breathe on land or in the water. A single member of this race was known as a Balinak.

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