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The Ballchinians are a race of extraterrestrials who generally wear cloth masks to cover their face, as (at least in males of the species) they possess part of their genitalia below their neck and attached to their chin, which may indicate the origin of their name. They had what some may consider goofy hair, and seemed to wear out-of-style human clothing. Other features include a short face that made it appear squished together, puckered lips, semi-pointed ears, and hanging jowls.

Although some were known to openly protest the efforts of mankind and the MIB by siding with a Kylothian named Serleena, it is not known if this was typical of their species, or if these were radicals. A particularly low - albeit incredibly easy - way to incapacitate a Ballchinian opponent is to strike the testes which hang from its face.

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