The Balosar are a race of near-humans native to the planet Balosar, and are noted for the retractable antenepalps atop their heads. They are generally regarded as shifty cheaters and scoundrels by other races, a trait that stems from the fact that their homeworld is the primary source of balo mushrooms, which constitute the primary component in the creation of death sticks.

As a people, the Balosar seem to be content to allow their homeworld to be overrun by offworld corporations and criminal syndicates, taking bribes and other payments in return for land grants or other rights. During the years leading up to the Clone Wars, the lowest classes of Balosar were paid poorly for their work in sweatshops and factories, despite the best efforts of the Old Republic. The Balosar race is also known for its resistance to toxins, which is little more than an evolutionary reaction to the heavy pollution that blankets Balosar's surface.

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