Barbella and Florbella

Barbella and Florbella.

Barbella and Florbella are extraterrestrials (Terrans) from the planet Terra (a planet in the same orbit as Earth but on the opposite side of the sun) and the last of their kind. Both are shown to be cannibals - with Barbella been the more evil of the two.

Their planet is shown to have an atmosphere similar to Earth's, so humans are able to breathe on the planet's surface.

They are in control of the alien monster Guiron - which protects them and their now ravaged planet from the Space Gyaos.


Barbella and Florbella's people were once a very advanced civilization - having created various scientific
The Terran's 'probe ship' in Japan.

The Terran's 'probe ship' in Japan.

advancements such as their spacecraft (flying saucers), a machine to translate numerous languages and mind probes. Most notably, they learned how to use their scientific advancement to control even the laws of nature. However, the civilization's end came when one of the computers went haywire - resulting in the creation of several genetically engineered monsters (including the Space Gyaos). In a final attempt to save their race and their planet, the Terrans created Guiron - who successfully managed to see off the other monsters. However, by the time Guiron had succeeded, only Barbella and Florbella remained.

Gamera flies after the ship.

Gamera flies after the ship.

With their planet still under attack from the Space Gyaos (presumably the only genetically-engineered monsters to remain), the two Terran women sought to leave Terra and settle on a new planet. Sending out 'probe ships' to search for a new home and also to 'collect rations', one of them landed in Japan on Earth - where it was discovered by two boys who climb aboard. The ship suddenly takes off - flying back towards Terra. Although Gamera (who had followed the boys into space) is able to stop them from been hit by a meteor, the ship accelerates away from him before crash landing on Terra. After the boys watch
The boys meet the Terran women.

The boys meet the Terran women.

a battle between Guiron and Space Gyaos (in which Space Gyaos is forced to flee after losing its leg), they head inside what is left of a Terran city - where the children meet the two women, who (using their translator) explain to the boys that they are on the planet Terra - a planet in the same orbit as Earth but on the opposite side of the sun - as well as the fate of their civilization. With the return of Space Gyaos, Guiron is sent out again to deal with the injured creature - this time killing and dismembering it.

The women prepare to cut out Akio's brain.

The women prepare to cut out Akio's brain.

Although the women promise to return the two boys to Earth after repairing the ship, the women later hypnotize the two boys - where they learn more about Earth and about Gamera. Both women later agree that Earth is the best option for them, and that they will eat the boys brains on their journey - with them gaining the children's knowledge in the process. After feeding the boys donuts with sleeping powder sprinkled on top, one of the boys - Akio - is taken by the women and put in a restraining device. Once strapped in, they shave off his hair in
Florbella injured.

Barbella is injured in the crash.

preparation to cut out his brain. However, before they can do so, they are distracted by the arrival of Gamera. After missing Gamera when attempting to kill him with a rocket attack, the women once again release Guiron - with the two Guardians batting one another. The battle ends in a tie, with Gamera injured and losing consciousness while Guiron returns to his lair.

The other boy - Tom - wakes up and learns of the Terran Women's plans to eat his and Akio's brains. Managing to wake Akio up, the two try to flee but are caught and locked in a cage by the two women - who return to repair their ship. However, Tom pulls out a concealed
Barbella prepares to kill Florella.

Florbella prepares to kill Barbella.

rubber dart gun and manages to hit the control panel - once again releasing Guiron, who this time is not under the alien's mind control as they can only control it from the main computer. Barbella and Florbella (on-board their ship) are taken completely by surprise and try to take off quickly (deciding to leave the boys behind and escape to Earth) - but are too late as Guiron slices the ship in half, preventing the women from getting back to Earth. Barbella asks for help as she's injured, but Florbella instead reminds her that in accordance with their people's laws, "useless members of their people are euthanized", before shooting Barbella. She then heads for a different station - with the intention of escaping in a rocket.

Guiron attacks the city.

Guiron attacks the City.

As Guiron begins to attack the city where the boys are still trapped, Gamera awakens - having healed from his earlier injuries and hearing the boys cries for help - before recommencing his battle with Gurion, with the boys finally getting free of the cage. Fighting both on land and underwater, Gamera finally manages to pin Guiron upside down - rendering him unable to fight back. As the boys find the controls to launch a missile, they launch it at Guiron. The missile is split in half by Guiron's blade, with Gamera grabbing one half of the still functioning weapon and using it (along with his fire breath) to kill Guiron. The other half, meanwhile, strikes the station where Florbella is preparing the rocket to launch to Earth - killing her in the process.

With the women and Guiron both dead, Gamera uses his fire breath to weld the two halves of the spacecraft back together, before returning the two boys to Earth. Terra, meanwhile, is seemingly abandoned to the Space Gyaos.


Gamera vs. Guiron - Movie

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