General Information
Homeworld Trees
Habitat Skywrack forests
Body Type Winged, bilateral
Height ~4 m
Length ~9 m
Skin Colors Black
Locomotion Clinging, gliding
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Created by Morgan Heacock

Todd Drashner

Barkbats are non-sapient, sentient species native to planet Trees in the Orion's Arm universe.

Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

A Barkbat is a large, black predator. The tegument of the creature consists of thick vein-like structures, resembling a tree's bark, something unseen on any terrestrial animal.

The creature has seemingly no limbs other than its enormous wings.

Behavior Edit

The Barkbat lives as a large predator of the planet Trees. It cling to the trunks of skywracks, giant tree-like plants. It uses its wings to glide and hunt other creatures in the canopy.

The bark-like skin serves as camouflage when clinging to skywracks, both in dormant periods and between feedings.

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