The Battle in Draco was a well known encounter in a region of space known as Draco during the Ur-Quan Slave War 2095 -2134. In a rare instance when the Alliance had an upper-hand during the conflict, several Alliance star fleets moved against nearly defenseless Hierarchy Starbases.1 Commander Hayes participated in this battle and notes the similarities between certain parts of that battle and The Captain's early victory over an Ilwrath Avenger. According to Commander Hayes Ilwrath Avengers were in the Battle of Draco. 
Dracco Sector on a Starmap from January of 2166

The thick purple marker lines Indicate where the Draco Sector is most likely located.


Though the battle took place in an area called Draco, it is unlikely that this is a reference to the Draconis constellation in the game or in real life with Draconis being located in the secotr with the Earth where Hayes is. Both locations are far from the Coreward Front with the Draconish constellation in the game being  within the Thraddash sphere of influence.

Most likely this battle site was located  very close to the Earth possibly in or near Delta Centauri which is the closest star to the Earth in which later became Ilwrath space Temporarily in the period from 2134 to the late 2150s. After this, this region of space became parts of Chmmr space and  Earthling space and also a unclaimed section mostly in the southern half of the Draco Sector. located in the unclaimed parts of the starmap which are also known as "Wild space"  The result of the battle was the Alliance defeated the Ilwrath but eventually the Alliance was defeated after the coreward front collapsed and eventually the Ilwrath came back to the area temporarily and the Ur-Quan were defeated in the 2150s and in the Present days 2165 to 2169 during the Captains second voyages its shown as such on the map at right as of 2166 after Shofixti lost patrol 3 returns and is taken off the star map.