The Bebebebeque are a sapient race of chrome-yellow insectoids, about fourteen inches tall, which operate in a hive mind. Despite their small size, they are capable of jumping at least four meters high when threatened.

They are one of the several species which have visited Earth, being brought as passengers by Chirpsithra interstellar liners. They are known to consume popcorn.


  • Limits (1981) (unnamed)
  • One Night at the Draco Tavern (1991) (unnamed)
  • The Missing Mass (2000)
  • The Convergence of the Old Mind (2002)
  • The Death Addict (2003)
  • Breeding Maze (2006) (Mentioned only)
  • Playhouse (2006)
  • Lost (2006)
  • Playground Earth (2006) (Mentioned only)

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