Bellator-class Star Battlecruiser
The Bellator-class dreadnought, also known as the Bellator-class Star Destroyer, was a warship in the Imperial Navy, as well as a divergent design in the Mandator-series of Star Dreadnoughts.

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The Bellator-class was a model of dreadnought based on the earlier Mandator-Class and Mandator II-Class dreadnoughts. It was a scaled-down version, 800 meters shorter than its predecessors.

Offensive and defensive systems Edit

The dorsal surface mounted a large array of gun batteries. The batteries were arranged both on the port and starboard sides of the hull, as well as on the ridge in front of the command tower.

Propulsion systems Edit

uilt for speed, the Bellator sacrificed armaments to gain higher velocities than its Mandator-class predecessors. This philosophy separated it from its conceptual cousin, the Mandator III-Class Dreadnought which was built to be larger and more heavily armed than the previous models of the series.

The Bellator-class had two reactors that protruded underneath the superstructure with armored bulges. It was propelled by ten large thrusters and four smaller ones.

Bridge tower Edit

he class was marked with a ridge-structure in front of its command tower. The tower itself was similar to the towers on a number of other Imperial warships, like the Imperial-Class Star destroyer and the Executor-Class Super Star destroyer.

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The Bellator-class dreadnought was a design based on the Mandator- and Mandator II-classes. It diverged from its predecessors by being shorter and faster and the design was referred to in the Imperial Military as a "fast dreadnought".

Service history Edit

During the class's service period, several Bellator-class dreadnoughts were known to have docked at Naval Station Validusia for refueling and maintenance alongside other heavy warships.[3] In addition, ships of both this class and that of its cousin, the Mandator-class, often flanked the Assertor-class Star Dreadnought in fleet formations during the Galactic Civil War since prior to the Battle of Yavin, largely due to that ship's role as a sector command and control ship.

At some point prior to the Battle of Hoth, Captain Firmus Piett and Admiral Kendal Ozzel of Death Squadron observed several Bellators that were part of a fleet gathering.[3] The fleet included several battlecruisers and Star Destroyers and displayed maneuvers by entire squadrons of TIE Advanced x1 fighters.[3] After the Arms Race campaign of the Galactic Civil War,[8] at least one Bellator-class was involved in a fleet exercise that involved an Altor-class replenishment ship refueling multiple large military vessels, including an Assertor-class Star Dreadnought and an Allegiance-class battlecruiser simultaneously.[3] Its presence during this time presumably had to do with the presence of the former vessel.

Post Endor Edit

At least one Bellator-class dreadnought appeared to be in service with the New Republic during the Thrawn Crisis, flying in formation alongside a fleet of Imperial-class Star Destroyers that were adorned with the New Republic logo, as well as a Procursator-class Star Destroyer. The fleet was joined by the Heroes of Yavin, flying in the Millennium Falcon.[3]

During Luke Skywalker's capture and transport to Byss in 10 ABY, a Bellator-class vessel was present during a fleet maneuver of various Star Destroyers around the planet.

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