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(Grissom I)
Universe Mass Effect Universe
Cluster Armstrong Nebula
System Grissom System
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Unbreathable (Sulphur Dioxide & Chlorine)
Primary Terrain Ocean of Molten Rock
Orbital Period 812.3 Earth Years
Radius 6,788 km
Day Length 41.2 Earth Hours
Atmospheric Pressure 26.35 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature 3,151° Celsius
Notable Species N/A

Benda has a dense atmosphere of sulphur dioxide and chlorine. Though technically classified as a "terrestrial" world, the surface of the planet has never cooled enough for a crust to form. It is a global sea of molten rock. Like Zaherux, its atmosphere is being blasted away by the solar wind. Once its thick atmosphere is gone, Benda' surface will be a "mere" 400° Celsius.

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