Berserker Predator
Berserker predator by xenofett-d35mc3y
General Information
Homeworld Game Preserve
Habitat Jungle
Height 7"4
Diet Omnivorious
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Yautja
Subspecies/Races Super Predators
Behind the Scenes
Universe Predator Prime

The Berserker Predator, also known as Mr. Black, was identified as one of the "Super Predators", one of the two great rival Predator clans hunting on a Game Preserve. He is portrayed by American actor and creature performer, Brian Steele.


Earlier HuntEdit

Sometime during a past hunt, the Berserker Predator killed a worthy alien opponent and placed its jawbone on his mask.

On the Game PreserveEdit

The Berserker Predator and his clan begin a new hunt on the Game Preserve by toying with their prey to test its sanity and emotion. The first test used the corpse of a previously hunted human to lure Royce and the others into a trap. As the humans explored, they hear what seems to be the voice of Cuchillo crying "help me!" in horrible pain. While Isabelle and some of the others want to help, Royce (and eventually the entire group) decide that there is nothing they can do without getting killed themselves. Isabelle fatally shoots Cuchillo to end his suffering -- but the voice cries "help me!" again. This proves that Cuchillo was dead all along: The Berserker was simply playing a recording, using his masks' power of vocal mimicry.

180px-Berserker's vision

The Berserker Predator's vision

Later, the group of humans comes upon the Predator's Hunting Camp, where they keep their trophies, and there they find a "Classic" Predator chained to a large totem. Suddenly, Mombasa is killed by spears -- and the Berserker, with his clan brothers, attack the humans. The Berserker fires his Plasma Caster at Royce and the others, destroying Nikolai's Gatling Gun. The humans manage to escape into a river, only for the Predator Falcon to fly overhead and return to the Predators. The Falconer, Tracker, and Berserker Predators de-cloak. The Berserker is thrilled that the hunt has begun.

After the humans encounter Noland and escape from his exploding hideout (following the death of the Tracker Predator by Nikolai's hand grenade) Stans is shot from behind by the cloaked Berserker. The Predator de-cloaks in front of the frightened humans and locks his tri-beams on Royce in preparation of firing his Plasma Caster. Stans, however, jumps onto the Berserker's back, giving the others time to flee. The Berserker grabs Stans and tosses him over his shoulder with ease. Stans, continuing the diversion, taunts the Predator to kill him. As expected, the Berserker murders Stans brutally, tearing his skull and spinal cord from his body, and celebrating with a roar of triumph.

Later, the Berserker catches Isabelle and Edwin in a net and takes the two back to the Hunting Camp -- throwing them in a pit where they find the freed "Classic" Predator. The honorable Hunter activates the Berserker Predator's ship to get Royce back home. The Berserker roars furiously and as Royce runs, the two Predators charge at each other and clash. During a brief but vicious fight, the Berserker overwhelms his enemy, grabbing Classic by the throat. The Berserker removes his Bio Mask, revealing his face, and roars as he raises his elongated Wrist Blade. The Beserker Predator swiftly decapitates the Classic Predator, and as the lifeless corpse of his foe falls to the ground, the Berserker bellows at the sky, victorious.
200px-Berserker Predator's face revealed

Berserker Predator reveals his face

The Berserker then goes after Royce and finds his ship taking off. Undeterred, he presses his wrist gauntlet and walks away as the ship explodes in the air. During these events, Edwin has paralyzed Isabelle and reveals himself to be a psychopathic murderer. Eventually Royce shows up, saves Isabelle, and uses Edwin as bait for the Predator. The Berserker comes back to the camp and finds Edwin on the ground, bleeding to death. The Berserker stabs him with his Wrist Blade to see if he's alive. Turning Edwin on his back, the Berserker realizes that Edwin was rigged with grenades by Royce. The grenades explode and send the Predator collapsing to the ground. The Berserker, still alive, slowly rises and recovers after the grenades explode. Royce appears in front of the Predator with an axe-like weapon, and the final combat begins.


Royce ignites a circle of gunpowder, set up previously, trapping the two in the centre and disrupting the
200px-Spoiler 17

Royce prepares to deliever the final blow

Berserker Predator's vision. The Berserker roars theateningly, and Royce takes advantage of his camouflage, repeatedly hitting the Berserker while hiding among the flames. It is not until the Berserker detects Royce's heartbeat that he gains the upper hand over the human. Berserker fires his Plasma Caster at Royce's hiding spot, knocking him down and leaving him open to the Berserker -- who, rather than killing him with his Plasma Caster, begins to savagely beat Royce with his bare hands, before grabbing him by the throat.

Springing out his Wrist Blade, the Berserker prepares to decapitate Royce.

Suddenly, Isabelle arrives, saving Royce's life by firing on the Berserker with her sniper rifle. Now turning his attention to her, he extends his Wrist Blade, impaling her shoulder. Meanwhile, Royce recovers his strength and surprises the Predator, knocking off his Bio Mask. Royce presses his attack and severs the Berserker's left arm. Enraged, the Berserker Predator roars at Royce one last time -- and with a heave, showing his face at him and Royce decapitates him.

Personality & TraitsEdit

The Berserker Predator had no honor in the hunt, unlike the rival clan, as he shot the unarmed Stans with his Plasma Caster from behind. He was a relentless and ruthless hunter, and he was also shown to be sadistic, seemingly savoring the fear of the humans throughout the hunt. Despite this brutality, the Berserker was also an incredibly skilled fighter, proving this by emerging victorious in the battle with the Classic Predator. Unsurprisingly, his arrogance led to his demise; he was outsmarted and killed by Royce.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

The Berserker uses a minigun-style Plasma Caster which it twirls and can fire multiple shots. Like his clan brothers, the Berserker has only one elongated Wrist Blade on his arm, capable of being launched like a projectile from his gauntlet. The Berserker also has a new, updated version of the cloaking device like the rest of his brothers. The Berserker used a new type of mask vision able to detect the pulse of his prey -- this helped him discover Royce when he was blinded by fire. This Berserker was distinguished from the rest of the clan because of the strange shaped jaw bone on his mask and his red and black dreadlocks.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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