Universe Star Wars Universe
Region Outer Rim
Sector Anoat Sector
System Bespin System
Class Gas giant
Notable Species Tibannucks, Beldons, pink algae, glower algae
Rotation period 12 standard hours
Orbital Period 5110 local days

Bespin is the fourth and outermost planet of the Bespin System (the star it orbits around is also named "Bespin"), located in the Outer Rim territories of the galaxy. Bespin is a gas giant and is orbited by many moons, the largest and most important being H'gaard and Drudonna.


Bespin's skies are inhabited by millions of microscopic organisms called the pink algae (diurnal) and the "glowers" (nocturnal). The large quantity of these creatures is the reason why Bespin's sky is pink colored during the day and has a distinctive purplish glow at night. The algae and aeroplankton are eaten by large non-sapient gas-filled creatures called Beldons.

The Beldons are known to excrete a substance called tibanna, which is eaten by the sapient inhabitants of Bespin, the Tibannucks.

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