Beta Durani was a planetary colony of the Earth Alliance and the location of an Earthforce Mid-range Base.

In the early 2240s a Minbari ship went down out near Beta Durani. Doctor Stephen Franklin was in the area at the time, having hitchhiked there aboard a starship and did his best to help the crew but given his total lack of knowledge and experience of Minbari biology all the surviving crew died of their injuries. It was one of the last bases to fall before the Battle of the Line. (In the Beginning)

During the Earth Alliance Civil War, Beta Durani and the Mid-range Military Base were liberated from President Clark's forces shortly after the Liberation of Proxima III. The Exercise of Vital Powers Later refugees from Sector 400 through Sector 600 were taken in by the medical colonies at Beta Durani and the MacArthur Midrange Colony. (Moments of Transition)

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