Beyonder (Earth-616)
General Information
Homeworld Beyond Realm
Habitat Unknown
Height Variable
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Any
Subspecies/Races None
Behind the Scenes
Universe Marvel Universe

This Beyonder was revealed to be a infant of the omnipotent race known as The Beyonders where during the pre-secret wars 2 it was explained that he made the Illuminati believe that he was a Inhuman Mutant a crossbreed between a Mutant of earth and a Inhuman of the alien race this turned out as false. It was revealed in the handbook that the Beyonder was in the Earth-616 universe where he was developing and from the context the beyonders purposely exposed him causing him to take sentient life and sparking the secret wars. He was later Fused with molecule man (At this time it was unknown if he was a bomb or a cosmic cube since the current marvel universe) to make the one known as "Kosmos" which his sibling "Kubik" taught her many things through out the multiverse and one day they were no longer together without any real reasons. months or even years later Kosmos goes insane killing millions if not trillions of other beings it took Thanos telepathic powers to stop her rampage and once the annihilation wave had wiped out entire galaxies including the death of the kosmos it fully released a fully powered Beyonder his current location and objective is unknown for more info See: The Beyonders.


From his recent information its shown that he has a mind of a child.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Beyonder has the no limit of reality warping to the point his mere thought is reality he has no real weaknesses other than himself since he has a naive mind in his retcon its also displayed that he is Nigh-Omniscient and Nigh-Omnipresent from Handbooks.

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