The Binipinardians are a sapient race native to the planet Binipinardia, a world of rocky terrain with a breathable atmosphere.


The Binipinardians are tall humanoids with grey skin, thin elongated heads and three-fingered hands. They seem to have evolved from small ancestral creatures which bear some resemblance to both meerkats and lemurs.


For uncounted eons, the Binipinardians have acted as guardians to the mysterious crater on their world which contains a type of "devolving gas": a substance which, when inhaled by an organic being, causes the victim to revert to a primitive evolutionary state. The effect varies depending on the species, for instance: Humans become cavemen; Jo-adians become huge ankylosaurs; Tangeans become light-blue slimes; and the Binipinardians themselves become small lemuroids.


Binipinardians in their "devolved" form.


  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, s01e33 - "Devolutionaries"

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