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Different Masks Used

The Bio-Mask of the Yautja is their primary tool, and perhaps the one that is most associated with their species. While it provides the wearer with basic protection (though not so much against Xenomorph strikes) and a breathing apparatus, it also grants the user a multitude of visual modes such as optical zoom, diagnostics and visual and audio recording systems that allow the Yautja to perform vocal mimicry. The mask also possesses a three-point targeting laser that is used in conjunction with their Plasma Caster.

The Yautija may remove his bio mask in combat if they believe their pray is worthy enough to gaze upon their true face. This can lead to a slightly fairer fight, although this can leave the predator's face vunrable to a killing blow if against a tougher opponent, such as a xenomorph.

The mask is directly linked into the plasma caster and the predator's wrist gauntlet, which is what is used to control the masks many functions.

Many times these masks are customized by the wearers, giving Yautja unique appearances.

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