Manufacturer: Various
Weapon Type: Ranged Energy Weapon
Size: Various
Weight: Various
Fire Modes:
  • Semi-Automatic
  • 3 Round Burst
  • Full Automatic
  • Ammunition: Blaster Bolts
    Feeding System: Power Packs
    Rate of Fire: Various
    Range: Various
  • Grand Army of the Republic
  • Galactic Empire
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Blasters are ranged energy weapons seen and used by many characters and factions throughout Star Wars.


    Like the Lightsaber, the blaster was an invention created by the Rakata people and used by their Infinite Empire. This technology soon became the seed of many other blasters manufactured by other species in the galaxy.


    Blasters vary in size and power, as well as weight. They emit compressed focused particle beams known by many as "Blaster Bolts". The ammunition for the weapon is usually consisting of two components, one being an energy-rich gas and power pack. Mostly Tibanna Gas is used, however other gas is also useful as well. It uses prismatic crystals as well as expose the energy and gas to intense light so it can generate the beam after the gas and energy is placed into the chamber. Once this happens, the bolt leaves the chamber and out into the battlefield, hitting it's target.

    The typical ammo count for blasters is that of 500 blaster bolts before needing replacement, however others can allow for less than that. The weapon is known to have a problem with overheating, which is caused by the weapon's power pack and gas. This could lead to the weapon's destruction and when firing, the weapon releases some ozone which smelt like "Burning Meat" according to Han Solo.


    As most beings throughout the galaxy use blasters, they usually come in different variations.


    A conventional melee weapon, blastswords are similar to other melee weapons, however sports the use of a built-in blaster on the weapon. This is activated should anyone or thing touch the tip.

    Blaster PistolEdit

    A smaller variation of blaster, blaster pistols are used by a wide assortment of people in the galaxy. They vary in both size and power, as well as variation.


    Hold-Out-Pistols are a variation of blaster pistol that are easily concealable and comes in two forms, civilian and military. Due to he restrictive legislation on possession of arms on some worlds, civilian grade hold-outs were underpowered, lacked a maximum of 5-6 rounds before running out and lacked accuracy. Military hold-outs were more like blasters and much more effective as well as accurate.


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