The Bogon Galaxy was galaxy, located a great distance away from the Solana Galaxy, teeming with planets, moons, star an uncharted constellations. According to Sam's Extreme Travel and Scrap Metal, the Bogon Galaxy is more thrilling place to be then the Solana Galaxy.

Notable locations included planet Endako, which housed the massive city of Megapolis. Boldan was yet another interesting location, home of Silver City, one of the busiest cities in Bogon Galaxy along with Megapolis. Other locations included the Maktar Resort space station in the Maktar Nebula, which hosted various casinos games and live arena combat. Planet Barlow was the place to be see extreme Hoverbike races between the rocky canyons of Vukovar Canyon.

The entire galaxy was dominated by massive corporation known as Megacorp, which had long outcompeted its competitors like Gadgetron, basically making it the one and only choice for citizens of the galaxy. It was based on planet Yeedil, but it owned various other worlds in the galaxy as well. Other major organizations included Thugs-4-Less, a group of mercenaries for hire, based on planet Snivelak.



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