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The Bosphs were a four-armed alien race native to the planet Bosph. They had a stocky, humanoid shape, although their semi-circular heads were attached directly to their torso, without a neck. Their heads were dominated by two multi-faceted eyes and a pair of horns. Their hands and feet each had three digits, and their skin color ranged from light brown to dark gray. They were isolationists by nature, with a deep respect for philosophy and religion. Bosph leaders were known to have sensitivity to the Force, and could control it to some degree. Certain Bosphs attained greatness, and were allowed to place their own personal glyphs on objects. The Bosphs maintained their space-faring history by tattooing elaborate starmaps on their skin. After the Empire destroyed much of their homeworld, most Bosphs simply dis-remembered the Empire and its acts, instead blaming the attack on the Yenntar.

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