Captain Brewster Rockit is the brave, jovial, but not particularly brilliant captain of the space station R.U. Sirius. Described as being "woefully ill-prepared to lead... and that's part of his charm", Brewster nevertheless leads the crew of the station in their missions of making contact with alien civilizations from other parts of the universe, finding diplomatic solutions for alien conflicts and battling against villains and aggressive invaders. Brewster graduated from the Air Force Academy and has served in NASA as a space shuttle pilot. However, he failed his intelligence exam because he kept eating the pencils. Brewster has been abducted by aliens several times, resulting in numerous memory wipes, which partially explains his low intellect. Brewster is known to enjoy typically children activities, like playing with big boxes, pretending they are rockets. He also seems to believe that the station's elevator is a teleportation pod.

That's our Brewster...

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