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The Brolfi (singular Brolf) were an alien race native to the planet Barlok. The Brolfi were a short, thick-bodied race of humanoids that was characterized by the green and yellow coloration of their skin, which was covered with small, horn-like scales. This skin, known as "hornskin", was known to quiver when the Brolf felt emotional. They also possessed stumpy legs.

The Brolfi were divided into several political factions, each with control over a region of Barlok's habitable landmass. Each of these factions had a regional government that served as part of a planetary government, a division of power that allowed Barlok to join the Old Republic. During the years following the Battle of Naboo, the Brolfi petitioned the office of Chancellor Palpatine for assistance in negotiating with the Corporate Alliance, which had begun taking control of Barlok's mining operations. Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth was dispatched to mediate the dispute, which ended with a failed assassination attempt on the lives of Passel Argente and the Brolfi leadership. As a people, the Brolfi were noted for their horticultural techniques, and the fruits and vegetables produced on Barlok were among the best in the galaxy.

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