Known by his self-appointed title - the 'God of Gangsters' - Bruno Borgia was born in an alleyway in the city
of New Way. Living as a feral child, he made money by betting on himself while fighting in New Way's infamous dog pits - been blinded in his left eye during one of these vicious brawls.

Rising up to dominate the city's underworld, Bruno established many connections - including with the corrupt Irish/American police chief O'Brien. As time went on, Bruno Borgia married a woman named Isabella, who became pregnant with his son Hunter. With this, Bruno was determined to leave control of New Way City to his son.

Battle with the 'New Way Devil'Edit

Unfortunately for Bruno, an otherworldly visitor had arrived in New Way City. The visitor was in fact a Predator called Scarface, who began making trophies of other humans, gaining the attention of Bruno and of the media, who dubbed the killer 'The New Way Devil'. At this time, Bruno - naming himself the 'God of Gangsters' - was waging war against his rivals the Irish Mob, led by Broken-Face Finlay, while Isabella was heavily pregnant with Bruno's son and would give birth very soon.

Meeting with O'Brien on the night his wife went into labor, Bruno gave instructions to O'Brien that he wanted all the rival gangsters - including the Irish Mob - and their bosses bleeding in the gutters when the sun came up, explaining how he wanted to carry his newborn son like he was royalty. O'Brien had no quarrels about doing this, seeing the death of Broken-Face Finlay as just 'settling old scores' - adding "the scum won't know what hit 'em". As the group headed off for the museum where Isabella had been taken - with Bruno instructing O'Brien to start the riot - they were unaware that their conversation had been watched by Scarface. They were then followed by the Predator, who killed all the police and gang members who opposed him as he tracked Bruno to the Museum.

Inside, Isabella had been taken into the church next door - accessible through a wall that was under repair. Bruno stood by her side to comfort her, before he boldly proclaimed the church was were she would 'give birth to gods' and that their family would 'rule forever'. However, Bruno's men warned him that the others felt the New Way Devil was inside the Museum. Bruno, not one to run or hide from any opponent, told the men to look after his wife - getting her anything she needed - and 'lead the monster to him'. Arming himself with an antique battle axe and a shield from the museum, the New Way Devil soon arrived after slaughtering the gangsters and corrupt police inside the museum, including O'Brien. As Scarface's 'invisibility' cloak was deactivated by the rain, Bruno roared his challenge to Scarface - who extended his wrist blades and roared back before a battle commenced between the two.

Bruno vs02:36

Bruno vs. Scarface

Brunon Borgia, the 'God of Gangsters', battles Scarface - the 'New Way Devil'.

Bruno fought hard against Scarface and was aided by many of his men - using his shield to great effect in blocking Scarface's attacks. In the end, however, it was all to no avail. Scarface easily dodged Bruno's sluggish attacks with the battle axe and proceeded to wear down the God of Gangsters while he was vulnerable. Defeated, Bruno was helpless as the New Way Devil proceeded to tear his head and spinal column from his body as a trophy - although Bruno cursed Scarface before his death.

Despite his death, Bruno's desire to leave the control of New Way City as a gift to his children did become a reality. When Scarface removed his mask and showed the head of Bruno to Isabella - who had just given birth to Hunter (realizing even then that he was sick and wouldn't survive) - she pulled out a handgun. Scarface's hesitation cost him dearly as Isabella shot him in his left eye and splattered herself and Hunter with Predator blood. Scarface was then chased off by the gunfire of Bruno's Gangsters, leaving behind some of his equipment. Isabella and her son would be among the few humans to survive the self destruction of Scarface's ship - an event that also failed to kill Scarface and resulted in his exile. Following this, Isabella became a leader amongst the citizens and began to rebuild New Way into Neonopolis. Isabella and her rapidly growing son Hunter became business tycoons in the new city, setting up Borgia Industries. As part of a tribute to Bruno, the founder of their crime dynasty, the Borgia Towers was created with statues of both Hunter and Bruno face-to-face. Hunter and Isabella both spoke highly of Bruno - with Hunter stating that
Sign of the Clan

The Dark Blade clan symbol on the face of Bruno Borgia's statue.

Bruno had taught him that "On Planet Earth, Man is the Ultimate Predator".

When Scarface killed Hunter (transformed into a human/yautja hybrid) on top of Borgia Towers, Scarface used Hunter's artificial Predator blood to paint his Clan symbol on the face of Bruno Borgia's statue - with Borgia's buyout from Weyland Industries bringing an end to the dynasty Bruno began 100 years ago.

Additional InformationEdit

Scarface used Bruno's voice a few times during his mimicry - often at the ideal moment. Although mostly Bruno's laugh, Scarface did have some more unique moments:

  • When he fatally wounded Isabella Borgia/MOTHER after destroying a nest of Xenomorphs, he repeated Bruno's phrase "I promised you a night to remember, baby - didn't I promise?" as Isabella died - relating to what Bruno said to her on the night Bruno died and Hunter was born.
  • When Scarface confronted Hunter - following his transformation into a human/yautja hybrid - he repeated Bruno's phrases "There's only room for one monster in this town - you ugly son of a bitch". This related to what Bruno said to Scarface during their battle in the Museum.
  • Finally, after Scarface had defeated and decapitated Hunter and climbed onto the top of the statue of Bruno Borgia, he roared while mimicking Bruno's phrase "I'm the boss of this city!" as well as his laugh.


Predator: Concrete Jungle - (2005 Video Game)

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