General Information
Height About 2 - 2.5 meters
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Men In Black Universe
"Bugs thrive on carnage tiger. They consume, infest, live off the dead and destroy other species."
―Agent K describing Bugs to Agent J.

Overview Edit

Bugs are an aggressive, space-faring insectoid race in the Men In Black Universe.

These creatures, despite their large appearance, can easily squeeze into a suit that is no smaller than a Human. Their society is hive-based and they seek leadership from the Bug Queen. Their personalities have a common trait that they tend to get angered easily and take things too literally. When someone asks a Bug to drop someone, the Bugs would often get the impression that they should drop them in their mouths. This species is currently in war against the Arquillian.

Most Bugs are similar in appearance to an over sized Earth cockroach, though they also show somewhat draconian or reptilian traits, particularly their eyes and mouths.

Bug QueenEdit

The Bug Queen is the high ruler of her race and conquest on the galaxies, she is known as "Queeny" (Eddy) and Beetal.The queen can produce a "Royal Jelly'" that consider Bugs consider a favorite treat. Like money, the Queen Bug will offer the Royal Jelly to bounty on a certain pest that destroyed a fellow Bug close to her.


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