Bug Queen

The Bug Queen is the ruler and mother of all Bugs, literally.


She first came to Earth with plans to have her babies conquer the planet with never-ending Bug infestation. She and her children hid under the sewer line, turning it into a cave-like throne throne room, linked by bug tunnels. Fortunately for mankind, Agent Kay and Jay stopped her plans by flooding the hideout.

After escaping, she called Eddy and Beetal to aid her to a better place to nest. Then, she and her offspring went to soda factory for a snack. Kay and Jay were too late to stop her from laying her new eggs, and the queen and her two Bugs escaped back to the hotel.

When MIB froze her new brood along with Eddy and Beetal, she jumped into an electric sign to speed the hatching. Kay blasted the metal plate supporting the sign and she fell in the penthouse pool, getting electrocuted. Kay, Jay and Elle froze her again, and shipped back to prison.

Abillities and TraitsEdit

Being the ruler of an aggressive alien race, the Bug Queen has many defensive and offensive physical attributes, including: enhanced strength, loud shriek, exoskeleton plating; long tail with stinger; sharp teeth, claws and feet. In addition, she is very agile, and can easily crawl on walls or jump to great heights.


She is demanding, short-tempered, intelligent, proud and protective of unborn hatchlings, she seems to do things herself if her older offspring are dead or injured. She holds a grudge for the death of one of her children, Edgar, and is bent on infesting and subsequently conquering new worlds.


Her main weakness is that she goes into a blind rage if her offspring are threatened. She also dislikes cold and can be zapped into submission. In addition, she is occasionally gullible, and can be tricked, as Agent Kay demonstrated in the episode " Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome".


All of the Bugs are her children, whom she has complete control over as leader of the Bug Empire and can order them to go to nearby planets and wreak havoc on their surfaces.

Known OffspringEdit

  • Edgar (Deceased, and a favorite)
  • Edwin (Queen's favorite and Deceased)
  • Dung (The Stupid One)
  • Moe ( The Short-Temper and Flying One)
  • Eddy (The Bodyguard #1)
  • Beetal (The Bodyguard #2)
  • Keen (The most dangerous prisoner in MIB's prison ward for eating tourist group on a bus.)


  • She is the only female Bug in the series. It is possible that other female Bugs are banished off the planet so there is not have competition with them and likely a new female Bug will takeover one day after the Queens death.
  • The Bug Queen behaves like a spoiled and intelligent tyrant.
  • Kay seem very calm to her wrath, which angers and irritates her.
  • Th first to tried to eat the Worm Guys ' Emperor Worm with glee and hungar.

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