The Buirk'alor-class airspeeder was an airspeeder designed and constructed by MandalMotors, a Mandalorian starship company headquartered on the Outer Rim world of Mandalore. Measuring just over ten meters in length and possessing powerful engines, the Buirk'alor-class speeder was favored by the police force of the New Mandalorians, who utilized the unarmed vessel to patrol the New Mandalorians' desert capital city, Sundari. The New Mandalorians' Duchess Satine Kryze and her diplomatic guest, Galactic Senator Padmé Amidala, made use of a Buirk'alor-class speeder for transport during the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars, while investigating the poisoning of several New Mandalorian children.


Measuring 10.19 meters in length, the Buirk'alor-class airspeeder relied on a set of powerful engines for propulsion. Manufactured by the MandalMotors company, the unarmed Buirk'alor speeder was constructed primarily as a police craft, and featured the flashing lights common to law-enforcement vessels mounted on its roof.[1] Additionally, the word "Police" was prominently displayed on the frame of the airspeeder's nose in Mando'a lettering,[2] the Mandalorian's native language.[3] The Buirk'alor-class airspeeder's small cockpit provided seating for up to four individuals, including the vehicle's pilot.


A swift airspeeder design, the Buirk'alor-class model was used primarily by the members of the New Mandalorian police force. These officers patrolled the skylanes of the New Mandalorians' domed capital,[1] Sundari,[2] and relied on the airspeeder's powerful engines to speedily carry them to the scene of crimes, and allow them to respond rapidly to emergencies.


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