Universe The Maw Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Diet Electrical plants
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Bulbous Concept

Official artwork of a Bulbous.

Bulbouses are a seemingly-gelatinous-skinned insectoid which were genetically modified with the original intent to serve as organic lighting and power sources. However, the rampant population explosion and their unfortunate and strictly accidental electrocution of a Galactic Senator's child has led to their quarantine and execution on any planet upon which they are found to have taken residency. Luckily for them, they have proven extraordinarily difficult to eliminate due to their natural capability to disrupt electronic equipment in their vicinity and their high mobility.

Bulbous hives are split into castes by color, whom all fly in their own general locations to harvest their sustenance. They are all ruled over by an overtly fat queen, which has either constructed herself or had constructed for her a throne upon which to sit. From here, she is fed "electrical berries" by her subjects - specifically the green-hued members.

Other ImagesEdit

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