Assassin-class Corvette Ring Planet-1

The CR92a Assassin-class corvette, better known as the modified corvette, was a small warship first produced some time before the Battle of Hoth and used primarily by the Imperial Navy.


Designed as a more militarized successor to the famous CR90 corvette, the Assassin-class shared the familiar "hammerhead" styling, but it was more streamlined for greater hull strength.

In addition to a stronger hull, the Assassin had more resilient shields and heavier firepower.

Though it shared a similar 4-3-4 engine layout, it had eight large outer engines and three small inner engines as opposed to the CR90's eleven nearly identical engines.


The Assassin-class was used alongside the CR90 in system patrol squadrons to repel pirates and Rebel attacks on convoys and space stations. It was also used by the Rebels in hit-and-fade operations and by several groups as a transport for high-priority cargo and personnel.

In 0 ABY, Darth Vader requisitioned the Archer piloted by Ensign Nanda to conduct a personal mission of revenge.[3]

The traitorous Imperial Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin used Assassin-class corvettes in many of his attacks on loyal Imperial forces. He had at least twenty-five of these corvettes under his command during his treachery.

In 40 ABY, a number of Assassins were used in Daala's Maw Irregular Fleet.

Behind the scenesEdit

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