Caamasi NEGAS

The Caamasi were a peaceful race of mammalian humanoids native to the planet Caamas. The Caamasi were strong supporters of the Old Republic, and their calm wisdom and steadfast loyalty helped keep the Republic from completely disintegrating during its final years. It was believed that the ancient Jedi Knights traveled to Caamas to discuss the ethical use of the Force with the Caamasi, during the establishment of the Jedi Order. The name "Caamasi" literally meant "friend from afar" in their native language.

As a race, the Caamasi were covered in a golden, downy fur, highlighted on their faces by purple stripes. Their most striking physical feature was their blue-on-green eyes, although most beings considered their ability to telepathically share memories to be quite remarkable. The sharing of these memories, known as memnii in the Camaasi language, was so strong and powerful that an individual could experience a historical event as if they had been present, even though the actual event took place many years earlier.

In the wake of the Clone Wars, there were several thousand Caamasi off-world when the Empire attacked and destroyed the planet Caamas, leaving it a barren wasteland. The Caamasi were powerless to protest the attack, since it occurred during the early years of Emperor Palpatine's rule. What the Caamasi didn't know was that a group of Bothans had managed to sabotage Caamas' planetary shield, which allowed the Empire to attack the planet at will. Evidence of the Bothan involvement remained a well-kept secret, until a copy of the Caamas Document was discovered in the Mount Tantiss facility on Wayland.

Some of the surviving Caamasi tried to establish a colony on Alderaan's South Islands, hoping to someday rebuild their world. Others established a more permanent settlement on Kerilt. Others held out hope that a legal decision forcing the Bothans to purchase a new homeworld for the Caamasi would eventually be honored. Despite their differences, though, the Caamasi continued to work with the Bothans, working together to help establish the New Republic.

Although most Caamasi mated for life, they were forced to adopt polygamy during the era of the New Republic, in an effort to re-establish their once-vital race.

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