Dac, the second planet in the Calamari System.

The Calamari System, a.k.a. Daca System is located within the Calamari Sector, in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. It is named after the Mon Calamari, which inhabit the ocean world of Dac, the second planet in the system. Dac, along with the remaining seven planets of the system, orbits the star Daca.


  1. Mol Luxu - a rocky planetoid.
  2. Dac - an ocean world with many native lifeforms, and orbited by one moon.
  3. Iceberg One - a small icy planetoid also orbited by one moon.
  4. Iceberg Two - an ice world.
  5. Mon Eron - a planet that was terraformed, possibly by the Mon Calamari. It is orbited by two moons.
  6. Sep Elopon - a gas giant orbited by a beautiful ring system and by 32 moons.
  7. Icebeg Three - a comet captured by the star.
  8. Iceberg Four - another frozen ice world.
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