Captain Fwiffo of the Spathi Eluder StarRunner is a 25-year veteran of the Spathi navy and the last member of the Hierarchy's Earthguard forces. Along with the rest of the Earthguard, he was assigned to Sol to keep an eye on the slave-shielded Humans.

The Ilwrath withdrew to find better sport and the other Spathi, uneasy at being so close to their enemies and far away from home, fled to join the other Spathi defending Spathiwa from the Ultimate Evil — which later did turn out to be the Lurg in the 2160s CE or this, at least, is Fwiffo's claim that such a evil might exsit; no other Spathi talks about this particular evil -the Ultimate Evil besides Fwiffo and if the captain visits the Spathi in the 2160s during Project 6014 theres still no mentioning of Fwiffo's ultimate evil. Unwilling to directly defy Ur-Quan orders, the Spathi retreated in small groups, until a single individual was left to captain a vessel by himself in literal obedience to the Ur-Quan, although the actual mission was abandoned in spirit.

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