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The Captor-class heavy munitions cruiser, also known as the Trade Federation heavy munitions cruiser, was a type of commercial freighter-warship used by the Trade Federation to transport bacta to buyers throughout the galaxy around 44 BBY.


They shared similar designs with the LH-3010 capital freighter and Lucrehulk-class LH-3210 freighters also used by the Federation, and were at least several hundred meters long.[3] Although built as dedicated warships for the corporation's Trade Defense arm, they were much smaller and less powerful than the Lucrehulk-class, which the Trade Federation later converted into battleships for their attack on Naboo and used during the Clone Wars.[2]

The heavy munitions cruiser had large hangars located at the center of its superstructure, where fighter squadrons could launch into battle in wartime. It was propelled by three large thrusters.[3] Like many of the Trade Federation's ships, a heavy munitions cruiser depended heavily on automated systems.


The Captor-class was part of the Trade Defense Force around 214 BBY. During that time, a series of transport businesses in the Rseik Sector decided to join the Trade Federation. They were burdened by pirates, and the Defense Force sent a flotilla including a cruiser and two Munifex-class cruisers to stop the pirates.[5]

During the bacta drought leading to the Stark Hyperspace War, bacta ships of this type were attacked by warships utilized by the Stark Commercial Combine. As a result of these attacks, the Trade Federation demanded the right to build up its military forces or stop trade altogether.[3]

During the Stark Hyperspace War, freighter/cruisers of this kind were used to transport Judicial and Jedi forces (including Red and Blue Squadrons) to the Fifth Battle of Qotile.[3][4]

Perhaps the best-known vessel of this class, Admiral Korvin, was used by Raith Sienar for his mission to Zonama Sekot in 29 BBY, equipped with 3,000 B1 battle droids, a force of at least 30 Vulture droid starfighters, 3 C-9979 landing craft, and a contingent of heavily-armored E-5 battle droids, a new battle droid model developed after the Battle of Naboo. Nevertheless, Admiral Korvin also carried a hundred Human troops, and a two-seater Spy ship which required a living pilot.

Known shipsEdit

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