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Carosite AE

The Carosites were a race of mammalian humanoids once native to the Outer Rim planet Carosi IV. When the star Carosi expanded from a normal orange star to a red giant, the Carosites fled Carosi IV for Carosi XII. They were a bidepal, humanoid race. Carosites were tall and thin, with unusually long necks. They were covered with a fine coat of fur, and have long snouts and dark eyes. The lifespan of a Carosite about 120 local years. The Carosites have a unique, five-fingered hand that had two opposable digits on either side of the hand. The flight from Carosi IV had left them culturally disoirented, which meant they were easily coerced by the Empire. Since the Battle of Yavin, the Carosites have pledged their support to the New Republic, and have become quite adept in the fields of medicine and mechanics. They also became the primary trading partner of the Ebranite race.

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