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General Information
Homeworld Daribo
Height Roughly Human
Skin Colors White
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Defiance

The Castithan are one of the member races of the Votan. They originate from the planet Daribo but had a significant presence on the planet Casti.

Biology & AppearanceEdit

The Castithan appear very similar to humans. Their coloration is very pale, however, verging on albinism, with pale white skin, white hair, and pale yellow eyes.


The Castithan society is aristocratic and hierarchical, and the other Votan races view them as arrogant. The Castithans used to have a patriarchal, rigidly segregated society on their home planet based on castes (known as liros), though this has broken down somewhat among the survivors on Earth due to the harsh conditions of the war and its aftermath.

Datak Tarr, co-founder of Defiance (in the former location of St. Louis) is a Castithan, from one of the lower castes. His wife, Stahma Tarr, is from one of the Castithan higher castes. As a member of the lower castes, Datak possesses more egalitarian values, striving to work with other races through sharing of power to achieve mutual defense.


Castithan society is deeply religious. The Castithans religion, Shirivanawo, is monotheistic, has a strict dogma and is lead by the Skabolo. Violation of these practices are harshly persecuted. While dogmatic in many other social areas, the Castithan religion has few restrictions on sexuality, and Castithans are actually quite liberal in their attitudes towards sex.


When the Votan star system was being evacuated, each race was left to decide how they would select the small fraction of their populations which would be saved. The scientific and rational Indogenes stoically selected their best and brightest, while the Irathients decided who would earn a place in the evacuation fleet during a round of inter-tribal wars to determine who was the strongest (and therefore fittest in their culture). However, the Castithan leadership officially decided to evacuate only members of their higher castes, and leave the lower castes to die in their home star system. Thus, more than any other Votan race, the Castithans on Earth are not a microcosm of their entire race's social structure, but a disproportionate slice of their ruling elites. This causes several problems for the Castithans on Earth, as they don't really have a working-class base to rely on. Indeed, higher-caste Castithans living on Earth tended to assume that they could treat the other Votan races as essentially their new lower-castes, feeling they should lead the Votanis Collective while the other races serve them. This has led to considerable tension with the other races. Even so, a large number of Castithans from the lower-castes were still able to make their way onto the evacuation fleet and arrive at Earth, through one means or another (bribing their way onto the ships, or simply stowing away).


Castithan is spoken very, very quickly. It's a sign of their impatience and also a challenge for anyone to keep up with them. Even the Castithan writing system (fajizwalino, literally "revered characters") is complex and irregular—and quite difficult to master. It's crucial to know whether one is speaking to a superior, an inferior or an equal in order to speak Castithan correctly (i.e. without causing offense or seeming crude).



  • Zarabaidang gogola goka (approximate spelling) - I'll screw you with my knife!
  • Ji ksa helenikaraa. Elenja fanolah meliverai maguxwai fingulashai (approximate spelling) - I have so much of this. Do you think you could possibly help me eat some?
  • Shafiare erundaje gola vira kavira che dohe (approximate spelling) - That's all, folks!
  • Noraka do deta - I love you
  • Nirizhiwa do yenda - I'm hungry
  • Jaja ksa huna - I need cash
  • Shesha ksa miya re yungwili? - Where's the bathroom?
  • jemila ksa zheguksu mera! - I can't find your clitoris!
  • Umya ksa myunda, usha ksa myunda - Not now, not ever


  • The Castithan language is created by linguist David J. Peterson, developer of the Dothraki language used in Game of Thrones.

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