In 1988 through 1993, Thorarinn Gunnarsson wrote a series of novels called the Starwolves Series. 

For 500 centuries, the Starwovles have battled the despotic space empire called the Union - haunting the nightmares of the human tyrants, yet too outnumbered to win more than an endless stalemate. Descendants of the lost world of Earth, the Starwolves raid Union shipping lines and protect the outworlds from the grip of the profit-obsessed Union. While the Union has advanced fleets of immense power, the Starwovles live in huge sentient star carriers that are their homeships.

There are other races through out the known galaxy as well. Some are subjugated by the Union while others are protected by the Starwovles.

Humanity is declining in this future, slowly dying out. The Starwovles, despite their numbers, are slowly winning the war.

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