(Galvopa I)
Universe Spore Universe
System Galvopa System
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Unspecified
Primary Terrain Pink Meadows, Spiral Volcanoes, Green Seas
Notable Species Orlops, Bunzos, Judders

Cattor was the planet closest to the system's known star, Galvopa. It was a very unusual world, and was noted for its pink terrain (perhaps a mixture of a certain level of iron or iodine with another chemical or mineral, thereby washing out the otherwise great red color that would be produced. It was also noted for its amazing spiral volcanoes and vast, green-hued seas. In fact, its seas covered so much of the surface area that its flora closely resembled ones that would be expected to be found existing in littoranean regions, with sparse vegetation and just a few trees. In some parts, however, really big, globular flora grew. Cattor was a wild planet, with no signs of civilization. However, for some unknown reason, the region of space it was known to exist in seems to no longer contain it, nor the system itself whatsoever. It is therefore believed that the star collapsed and destroyed the system.

Known Inhabitants Edit

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