The Celestial Archives is one of two space stations in the Alimbic Cluster. It is a massive orbital library in the skies above the Alimbic homeworld, Alinos. However, since their destruction at the hands of Gorea, the Archives has fallen into disrepair, and many records were lost due to the damaged databanks.

There are two main areas visited here. The first area includes the helm and several databanks connected by ventilation shafts. The second area is at the station's exterior, including docking ports and a ruined vista. Psycho Bits pervade the area, with Alimbic Turrets, Lesser Ithraks, and Greater Ithraks occurring in other areas the seemingly omnipresent security drones do not cover. Packs of Guardian androids are encountered en masse, as well as several small groups of Quadtroids.


  • Metroid Prime Hunters (First appearance)

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