Centauri Prime

Centauri Prime is a fairly large terrestrial planet, bieng twice the size of earth and more specifically, the homeworld of the Centauri race. It is known as the seat of government for the Centauri Republic, located in Sectors of Known Space Sector 130.


Centauri Prime is similar to Earth, with much of the surface covered in oceans, and having a Nitrogen-Oxygen rich atmosphere. The weather seems comparable to Earth as well, as there is at least seasonal changes, including snow over the capital city in winter.

Two vast oceans separate two of the primary clusters of continents, resulting in the development of the Centauri race on one and the Xon on the other. After centuries of brutal warfare and genocide, the Xon become extinct.

Site of the Centauri Royal Palace and the legislative houses, the Centaurum and the Centauri Royal Court.

Capital CityEdit


Capital city


Capital city from orbit

The capital is not expressly stated, but is a large metropolis apparently located in one of the more temperate regions of Centauri Prime, not too far from a coast. Near the end of 2262, much of the capital was devastated by a joint Narn-Drazi fleet that fired on the planet, after the Drakh managed to send away or deactivate the planet's defenses. The city would be destroyed again by 2277, again thanks to the machinations of the Drakh. It would be rebuilt later under Emperor Cotto.

The Royal PalaceEdit

The seat and primary residence of the Emperor of the Centauri Republic and the Centauri Royal Court. A lavish palace with hundreds of rooms, gardens, courtyards, living quarters, and dungeons.

Senate BuildingEdit

The location of the two governing bodies of the Centauri Republic, the Centaurum and the Populum.

Island of SeliniEdit


Selini Island

Selini was a barely inhabited island in the southern hemisphere on Centauri Prime. In 2261, during the latter part of the Second Shadow War, after the destruction of their capital on Z'ha'dum, the Shadows convinced Emperor Cartagia to allow them to establish a base there.

When Cartagia was assassinated, Prime Minister Londo Mollari detonated three fusion bombs secretly planted throughout the island, effectively destroying the island, and wiping out the Shadows presence there. The Drakh would remember this act when they enacted their revenge against the Centauri in the following years.

Other LocationsEdit

  • Ghehana: City used by Kane as a base of operations for investigating Drakh activity in 2264.The Long Night of Centauri Prime
  • City of Centallus: Birth city of Cartagia."Babylon 5 Personnel Files 4.0" (Season 4 DVD, Disc 6)
  • Scoria Plains: An area of Centauri Prime located near the sea, on the far side of the River Tuwain from the Royal Palace. Site of the historic "Battle of the Scoria Plains" 20th_Century_and_earlier Circa 1062.
  • Tuwain: A famous river located partway between the Royal Palace and the Scoria Plains, this is where Emperor Morell met Malia who would become the first Prophetess Supreme 20th_Century_and_earlierCirca 1062]].
  • Twindle: Birth city of Vir Cotto.

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