"Centipeetles" made their first appearance in "Gem Glow" as the secondary antagonists of the episode. The young do not have gems, but the mother does. The Centipeetle Mother serves as the main antagonist of the episode. In the episode "Monster Buddies", Steven brings back the Centipeetle Mother from it's gem form, and befriends it.


The Centipeetles appear similar to the Centipeetle Mother sans the mane and crystal covering on each segment. The Centipeetles are smaller compared to the Mother Centipeetle, primarily composed of seven segments. The upper portion of the Centipeetle is dark green throughout it's body, with a single pair of legs of the same color. The lower side of each segment is of a light green and slightly translucent with a yellow-green diamond shape in the middle of each of it. The head of the Centipeetle, unlike the Centipeetle Mother, has two colors, the upper portion and upper mandible being dark green and the lower portion and lower mandible a solid light green color. The Centipeetles have no gem of their own and it's eye is still located inside the base of the mandible. The final segment lacks a pair of legs but has a secondary dark green mandible.


The Centipeetles share all of it's abilities with the Centipeetle Mother, as such, the Centipeetles can shoot globs of highly corrosive substance that can corrode almost anything. It also shares the ability to climb on sheer cliff faces. The Centipeetles are smaller than the Centipeetle Mother and is generally weaker.


  • These monsters look like the magtails from The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.


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