Ceres is a dwarf planet and proto planet located in the main asteroid belt in the Sol system. Its a Dwarf and proto planet and one of the 5 IAU dwarf planets and of that 5 Ceres along with Pluto were the 2 that were both explored by Humans by Robotic space probes. This left 3 IAU Dwarf planets yet to be explore by Humans  - Huemea ,Makemake and Eris. All of these solar system bodies are more planet shaped rather than irregularly looking and shaped such as Asteroids or comets despite being located in the Main asteroid belt and the Kuplier Asteroid belt respectfully.

Ceres in fictionEdit

Ceres has appeared in many works of science fiction.

A Honeymoon in SpaceEdit

Ceres is one of the many worlds visited by Lord Lenox Redgrave and his wife Zaidie. The Cerean ecology is described as follows:

"They found that the tiny world possessed a breathable atmosphere and a fluid resembling water, but nearly as dense as mercury. A couple of flasks of it form the greatest treasures of the British Museum and the National Museum at Washington. The vegetable world was represented by coarse grass, lichens, and dwarf shrubs, and the animal by different species of worms, lizards, flies, and small burrowing animals of the rodent type."
―Description of Ceres in A Honeymoon in Space, by George Griffith (1901)

Star ControlEdit

Ceres Base (2112 to 2134), alternatively known also as Ceres Station, represented the greatest accomplishment of Human race in colonizing space prior to the Ur-Quan Slave War (2095 -2134). Built in 2112 on the Dwarf planet Ceres located in the Main Asteroid belt, it was the largest and most remote installation at the time. The base was also the location where the Chenjesu appeared and initiated humanity's first extraterrestrial contact, in either 2112 or 2115.1 This led to Earth's participation in the Alliance of Free Stars and the ensuing war with the Ur-Quan Hierarchy. During the war, Ceres Base became Earth's primary outpost in the Asteroid Belt. Unfortunately the Alliance lost the war. Once the Ur-Quan defeated the Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm forces in 2134, they proceeded to methodically conquer the remaining Alliance races, including the Humans. It was not until a few weeks later, when Ceres Base fell to the Hierarchy, that humanity realized the impossibility of winning the war. Three days after the fall of this outpost, the Ur-Quan definitively conquered Earth. Also by the year 2165 to 2169 the Ceres base had never been re-built since its destruction about 30ish years earlier.

1Both Commander Hayes and the 3DO manual give the year of first contact as 2112. The PC manual states that Ceres Base was built in 2112 and the Chenjesu made first contact three years later.

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