The Chamachies love gadgets and technology. They are able to discover major breakthroughs quickly when under duress—stress heightens their scientific abilities and amplifies their determination, much like adrenalin heightens physical ability.

In the recent past a huge, highly advanced alien vessel passed through the Chamachie system. The aliens discovered that the star lane entry points in that system had drifted over time into an unstable configuration. They told the Chamachies that they could not predict when the cataclysm would occur, but they were sure that the forces released would destroy the star and the planets orbiting it.

The knowledge of this danger sent Chamachie society into a frenzy of scientific and technological advancement. The Chamachie stress-response of heightened mental capability went into full force, and they have gone in a few decades from a pre-technological civilization to a society on the brink of space travel.

Starting NarrativeEdit

You are the Emperor of the Chamachies. Your hereditary line has ruled from the City of Enlightenment for centuries.
Your rule has only been strengthened by the anticipation of The Cataclysm. Your people now stand ready to implement your plans for escape from this star system.

Special AbilityEdit

Determined Researchers: The Chamachies are brilliant scientists. You can immediately achieve any discovery you are pursuing.

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