Chancellor Kooth was the mother of Jathro, a member of the Nekross race and the temporally ruler of Nekron. She was left in charge of Nekron after The Nekross King, his son Varg, daughter Lexi and several other Nekross (including Jathro) left to look for Enchanted planets to find their food source: Magic where after finding some, the King would eat it then he would refine it was goo to be sent back to Kooth and the other Nekross back on Nekron. Kooth would contact their ship the Zarantulus to see how they were doing. However, unknown to the Royal family, Kooth was conspiring with Jathro to overthrow the Royals and rule Nekron for herself. Through the Royals failure to provide enough magic for the starving of Nekron, Kooth demanded a "Contest of Devourment" in which Varg and Lexi had to compete against each other to capture Tom Clarke, but whoever lost would be eaten alive by the King. However, this contest was just a distraction which allowed Jathro to steal the Catromeister Quatrozeen which would give Kooth control of a vast armada of Nekross ships which she planned to used to destroy Earth in order to enter the Neverside. During the battle Kooth and Jathro had with the Royals, Kooth revealed that the King kept most of the magic for himself and gave his people only scraps. However the battle was stopped by Tom after he drank raw magic and swept away the Nekross ships. Kooth came onboard the Zarantulus where she was eaten alive by the King for her attempted coup d'etat.


Kooth had white-blue skin with brown eyes, two antenna and a goatee. She wore blue/orange robes with a large collar and also long orange gloves.

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