Benevolent cherub

A benevolent, adult cherub.

Cherubs are a race of aliens from the webcomic Homestuck.


The cherubim are green skinned humanoids with skull-like heads that possess sharp teeth, claw-like hands, and a forked tongue. The species has two different blood colors, lime green and red, with individuals expressing their blood color through their eyes and cheeks. Immature cherubs have a spiral pattern on their cheeks which fills in to become a circle when reaching adulthood. Mature cherubim also have wings.


Cherubs lay their eggs on dead planets orbiting dying suns where the heat on the sun hatches the egg. Immature cherubs are actually two distinct individuals which share a body with the two individuals having the opposite sex and blood color. After hatching both personalities intermingle in the body until the infant pupates at which point the two personalities will be divided by their sleep pattern. Lime blooded cherubs possess a benevolent personality and red blooded cherubs possess a malevolent personality causing conflict between the two. As the cherub matures the stronger personality will eventually absorb the weaker one leaving the body with the sex and blood color of the dominant personality.

After predominating, the adult cherub grows wings and leaves the planet before the sun goes supernova where they proceed to feed on the stellar debris before staking out a territory several light-years in size.

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