The Chevs were a humanoid race was native to a planet of the same name, but they were subjugated by the Chevin. They resembled pale-skinned, violet-eyed humans, but there were many physical differences to pure human stock. Chief among them was the fact a Chev had two hearts. Also known as Chevin Humanoids, Chevs were known to live as long as 300 years. In order to distinguish between individual Chevs, their Chevin masters often dyed the short, coarse hair of their Chev slaves to indicate ownership.

The average Chev had nimble fingers and a muscular body, which made them ta perfect slave stock. Chevs also had the ability to learn complex technologies, and many were well-educated by the Chevin to keep them happy and usable. The Chev race had been enslaved for so long that most forget the reasons for their enslavement and simply accept it. However, with the pro-human stance of the Empire, recent generations began looking for ways to defeat their Chevin masters. Some Chevs even left Vinsoth to pursue careers in business elsewhere. These Chevs were respected in their circles, and seemed confident to their brethren. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Chev population began to accept the help of offworlders in their efforts to defeat their Chevin masters, hoping to gain their independence.

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