Chief LightFoot

Chief LightFoot is the leader of the LightFoot Tribe on the planet Sauria. Along with the rest of his tribe, he resides in the swamps, where they have set up LightFoot Village. He has purposefully protected himself by placing his own hut on the village's high ground, making it difficult for other dinosaur species or individuals with either poor climbing or swimming skills to reach. He appears to be very sarcastic, and is often followed by other LightFoots who fan him, while he also has a guard, MuscleFoot, stationed in his hut. He is also known for wearing large amounts of gaudy jewelry.

The Chief is somewhat sardonic as he will peer over at Fox if he fails the Test of Strength, branding him as "pathetic".

He eventually came to capture Fox McCloud when he was thought to have stolen their precious treasure, but later allowed him to complete the LightFoot Tests to be allowed into their people's temple, which held one of the Krazoa Spirit.

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