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Chig Soldier
Universe Space: Above & Beyond Universe
Homeworld Helios IV
Average Height Close to Human height
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient

The Chig is the derogatory nickname given by Terrans to a race who suddenly attacked the first two colonies of Earth presumably unprovoked, setting the beginning of a year long war between the two races.


The Chig race evolved on a world due to panspermia, and find both oxygen and water extremely toxic to them. While water simply makes them bleed profusely and die in a seizure, contact with oxygenated atmospheres actually immediately disintegrates their bodies. Instead, Chig breathe a methane-rich atmosphere native to their homeworld.


Chig technology is bio-organically based, and ships are in fact living organisms which use the body currents of their crews to successfully be piloted. The Chig have developed faster-than-light spacefaring travel, with some of their ships even being capable of flying through the wash of a black hole by skipping across it, whereas Human ships will just get sucked in and crushed into a singularity.


  • The name "Chig" was given to them by the Earthlings in reference to the chigoe, a species of sand flea. This was because of their armored environmental suits that they were never seen without.

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