Chimera Sui Generis
Vilgax image VTF
General Information
Other Names Vilgaxian
Homeworld Vilgaxia
Height 2-3.50 meters
Locomotion Bipedal (incomplete form)
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe


A young Chimera sui generis.

Chimera Sui Generis also known as Vilgaxians are a species from the planet Murray, later renamed Vilgaxia.


Chimera Sui Generis are a green humanoid species with long tendrils like those of an octopus or squid on their heads.

Most females have them on their head, while males on their chin or all around their head to resemble hair or beards, respectively.

Some females have beauty mark like marks on their face.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chimera Sui Generis have incredible natural strength.

Chimera Sui Generis have incredible durability. Even before being enhanced, Vilgax survived a nuclear explosion at point blank range, though he was widely believed to be dead after this.

Chimera Sui Generis have incredible agility. Vilgax showed this in the Truth flashback when he took out Phil, whilst Myaxx used it along with her strength during the fight with Vilgax's drones on Xenon.

Chimera Sui Generis have the ability to transform into large octopus-like creatures at will, which Vilgax described as their true form, though it would likely be useful only in water-based environments.

The species are also possibly quite intelligent, as Myaxx was one of Azmuth's assistants and helped him make the Omnitrix (Original) and the cloaking field for Xenon; Vilgax displayed high levels of expertise with the Omnitrix as well as having a vast army of drones that he might have made himself.

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