General Information
Homeworld Chiron
Body Type Centauriform
Locomotion Quadruped
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars

The Chironians are a race of centaur-like beings native to the planet Chiron. Also known as Centauriforms, Chironians have the body of an equine creature. However, instead of a neck and a head, they have the torso of a humanoid being. Thus, in addition to four hooved legs, a Chironian has two arms. As infants, Chironians often have spotted fur, but these spots fade as the individual matures. Young adults also begin to develop ridged, crystalline horns on their foreheads, and these horns continue to grow as the Chironian ages.


  • This species is named after Chiron, a wise Centaur figure from Greek mythology.

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