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The Chmmr Flagship is the Ship that Captain Zelnick flies on his second voyages between 2165-69 CE. Unlike the Precursor Flagship, the technology of the Chmmr is substantially less advanced. For instance a Chmmr cargo bay only gives 250 units of space, whereas a Precursor cargo bay would give 500 units of space. Also a Chmmr Flagship only has the one Cargo bay and none further can be added. Although the bio-containment facilities of the ship are rougly as advanced as the Precursor Flagship they still come at the cost of making the Chmmr Flagship non-modular and  non-modifyable.
Umgah 1 (Project 6014)

This is the first picture of the conversation with Hayes about the Umgah.


The Chmmr Flagship is fairly quick, has a fair turn-rate and good acceleration. Its relatively large footprint makes dodging incoming fire difficult, although not impossible due to the speed and maneuverability of the Chmmr Flagship. Also dodging incoming fire is limited to really only one kind of attack that you usually have to avoid which is the Kohr-Ah death blades, sometimes they fly into other times they slowly drift towards you. Theres also the Lurg attack which does a fair amount of damage but the Lurg Prawn does not fire that often so dodging this attack with a Chmmr Flagship is a rare event also due to the fact that there are only 4 Lurg Prawns in the whole demo/game. However if playing with the Chmmr Flagship in the Super Melee mode its notable that only a few ships in the game will actually pose a threat to the Chmmr Flagship such as the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah Maurader and the Utwig ships. 



The Explorer class is armed with a moderately powerful Ion Bolt Cannon. Unfortunately unlike the Precursor Flagship The gun will only fire directly ahead of you and cant fire in diagonals or have any homing abilities.The energy costs of this weapon are rather large, and the rapid fire rate of this weapon means that you have to be in fairly close range and make every shot count to be effective. however, it shoots a volley of shots off every few seconds usually three or four shots at a time. Each hit from a blast from the Ion Bolt gun kills four crew members.


The secondary weapon is a Stun gun which is based on Melnorme Technology. With a full complement of Fuel you can fire two shoots at a time. so the weapon is fuel expensive but if a shot from this weapon hits the enemy will be stunned for about 30 seconds or so. and a good deal of damage could be dealt with the Primary weapon. Or this weapon can be used to hasten your retreat from a battle which is a sugestion that Commander Hayes gives. But starship captains should be advised that the Emergency warp out ability wont be availible in super melee mode.

Tactical OverviewEdit

The main purpose of this ship is to explore the uncharted regions of the Local Quadrant and to gain clues that will aloue the game player to solve the mystery's in the game.

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