The Chozo Artifacts, also known as "The Cipher," are twelve powerful artifacts that are the keys to "The Cradle," a Chozo temple built above the Impact Crater.


The Cipher was created as the lock to The Cradle, which when brought together open the way to the heart of the Impact Crater, where the Metroid Prime lurks. Many of the Artifacts were stowed away in hiding places across Tallon IV, while some were captured and studied by the Space Pirates.

List of ArtifactsEdit

Artifact of Truth: "The Artifact of Truth awaits those who truly seek it." It is found in the center of The Cipher totems at the Artifact Temple.

Artifact of Strength: "The heat of Magmoor was a test for many warriors. A Shrine in their honor holds the Artifact of Strength." It is found in the Warrior Shrine at the upper level of the Monitor Station in the Magmoor Caverns, enshrined in the hands of a Chozo Statue.

Artifact of Elder: "Invaders have claimed Phendrana as their own. A Tower sits atop their fortress. Collapse it to reveal the chamber where the Artifact of Elder is held." It is found by destroying a fuel cell on the Control Tower, which will open a hole in the floor leading to the Artifact.

Artifact of Wild: "A Sunchamber atop our ruined home became the nest of a great beast, and a source of corruption. Many Chozo spirits have been drawn to this tainted place. Release their bond to this world to claim the Artifact of Wild." After returning to the Sunchamber where Flaagrah was fought, three Chozo Ghosts will appear and attack. Killing them reveals the Artifact.

Artifact of Lifegiver: "There is a Tower within the Ruins where light always shines. Move through the waters there to find the Artifact of Lifegiver." This Artifact is within a room which can only be accessed by going through an underwater passage in the Tower of Light with the Gravity Suit.

Artifact of Warrior: "A place of Research lies within the mines. A corrupted invader is trapped there. Defeat this creature to claim the Artifact of Warrior." In Elite Research, there is a cryotank with an Elite Pirate designated as the Phazon Elite. Destroy the pod with a Power Bomb and then kill the Pirate.

Artifact of Chozo: "In one of Tallon's far corners, a Grove of life lies. Reveal the pillars beneath the waves to find the Artifact of Chozo." After acquiring the X-Ray Visor at the Life Grove, look in the pond near the waterfall for a Talloric Alloy plate and break it with a Morph Ball Bomb. After that, use the Spinner beneath the raised pillar to reveal the Artifact.

Artifact of Nature: "A molten Lake lies within the tunnels of Magmoor. Shatter the column at the lake's center to reveal the Artifact of Nature." At the second chamber of the Lava Lake, destroy the stone pillar with a Super Missile.


  • Metroid Prime (First appearance)
  • Metroid Prime Pinball

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