The iconic armored Chozo Power Suit worn by Samus Aran, known and feared throughout the galaxy, is one of the most powerful pieces of Chozo weapons technology ever created. It was given to Samus by the Chozo in her late childhood as part of her training. At its full power it allows Samus to perform amazing feats of strength and agility, but she often loses her suit componets from inevitable setbacks, whether if they were destroyed from critical damage or stolen by hostile aliens(namely, the Ing or the X).

Power Suit FunctionsEdit

The suit's main purpose, of course, is to aid in combat and provide enhanced mobility and protection in hostile environments. It upgrades its performance by obtaining modules to provide new abilities or enhance existing abilities. It is capable of utilizing mainly Chozo technology, but can also incorporate technologies from other races, like the Luminoth. Samus can shed her suit at will, disassembling it and storing it...well let's just say it goes to Hammerspace, allowing her to use her athletic abilities to their fullest. She can summon her suit back at any time.

Power Suit ModesEdit

Basic Power Suit: The standard Power Suit provides protection from the elements and can traverse in many environments. However, it cannot survive in extreme heat and requires the Gravity Suit upgrade to eliminate movement restrictions in water.

Varia Suit: This is the most famous Suit Upgrade known, its orange armor and shoulder pads recognized by many. The Varia Suit grants greater armor protection and resistance to heat, allowing Samus to enter volcanic areas like Norfair or the Magmoor Caverns.

Gravity Suit: This suit is, compared to other suits, is the toughest suit mode available. The purple Gravity Suit allows Samus to safely travel underwater, and sometimes through lava. This is replaced by the Gravity Boost in Metroid Prime 2 and the Gravity Feature in Other M.

Zero Suit: Beneath the Power Suit, Samus wears this iconic blue spandex suit that is suited for her athletic nature. When she sheds her mighty Power Suit, Samus gains greater speed and mobility, allowing her to run, leap, climb up ledges and crawl through tunnels. However, she is vulnerable to virtually any sort of hazard, and her arm cannon is replaced with a "fairly useless self-defense pistol"(called the Paralyzer in Super Smash Bros. Brawl) that can only stun enemies at best.

Fusion Suit: When infected with a deadly X-Parasite during a mission on SR-388, Samus's suit has to be surgically removed in order to save her. After administering a vaccine created from the cells of the Last Metroid, what's left of the suit binds itself to Samus.

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