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General Information
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Homeworld Chronia
Sapience Level Sapient

Chronians are sapient humanoids from the planet Chronia.


Phisically, Chronians look like humans and they wear black bodysuits, under long black coats and black gauntlets with purple highlights on them. When they grow older, their skin turns white and their eyes become surrounded by strange reddish-brown marks.


Chronians were once a great race, but the misuse of their own ability trapped Chronia and themselves, outside time and space. Eon was the only known Chronian to escape.

Ben Eon freed the Chronians, using the hands of armageddon, but Max Tennyson deactivated the hands of armageddon, sending the Chronians back to where they were.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Time rays - Chronians possess time manipulation powers, thus controlling time itself.

Energy blasts - Chronians can fire energy blasts and create energy spheres.

Dimension travelling - Chronians can teleport to other dimensions.

Able to glitch the Omnitrix - Chronians are able to glitch the Omnitrix.

Superhuman durability - Chronians are durable to a lot of things.

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